Monday, September 26, 2011

My QR Code...

I am a touchy-feely person. I like touching fabric, food, and the pages of a book. Touching helps me understand stuff. I just created this QR Code very easily. But I don't truly understand its relevance. I guess because it is such an "untouchable" thing, idea, tool, whatever it is it just feels and looks foreign to me. What the heck is this weird hieroglyphic-looking glob on my blog?! Ahhhh, I have an idea. I will think of it as if it as a universal type of UPC Barcode. God knows I have experience and understanding of those from my retail work. And a smartphone is the scanning device that reads the "barcode." Ok, that makes enough sense to me that I can move on. But I don't like them. I feel like Violet in M.T. Anderson's book  feed. Like Violet, I am "resisting the feed" right now. But I know if I am ever going to be successful in this librarian venture I need to "embrace the feed" or be left behind to wither. I commit to making the effort to appreciate QR Codes. As long as they are used in smart, innovative ways I can deal with them. But I saw one on my placemat at Steak-n-Shake not long ago and I wanted to crumple it up. What could Steak-n-Shake possibly have to say that is so important that they must use a QR Code? Why didn't they just print whatever was so important right on the placemat? I guess they were just embracing technology and attempting to use it, which is what I should be trying to do instead of whining about it.

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  1. Your post is too cute. See, I personally do not have a smart phone, so QR codes are extremely new to me. It wasn't really until my boss showed me what it does that I was like...Oh?! thats what a QR code does!