Friday, September 23, 2011

Ok, it looks like I did it. After many deep sighs I have established a blog. It really wasn't hard, just the idea of it I guess. I find myself doing the deep breathing often while working on projects for this class. I think I have some technology anxieties that this class is getting me to face, and in facing them, I take a lot of loud, deep breaths! So The Breathing Librarian blog was born. It's better than the alternative, right?!

The Powerpoint presentation ended up being pretty fun, although time-consuming. And I enjoyed the Prezi presentation. Now I am working on the RSS feeds. When learning about various technologies I tend to "kind of" understand how to use them. I am usually able to find my way but lack a comfort level. I suppose like anything else, a comfort level will come with practice. We'll see how it goes with the RSS feeds, Delicious and QR Codes. Here we go!


  1. I love your title because it is sooo true!!

  2. We have the same color scheme - woohoo!
    I enjoyed the Prezi presentation too, never even heard of it before this class.

  3. That's very brave of you to face your technology anxieties rather than hide from them. And your blog looks really great! You have an engaging way of writing. Do you do any creative writing?